Looking to make a group reservation
Look no further, can help!

With over 50 International airlines in our portfolio, we have direct access to prices and fares from travel’s leading airlines. We work hard to maintain strong relations with our clients so that we can offer you, the consumer the most competitive market rates. has grown immensely from its foundations, gaining a wealth of experience and wide product knowledge, ensuring that the consumer/and or the group party receive a value for money deal.

We have successfully catered for a variety of group vacations, some of which include; Vacations for Schools, College’s and Universities, Sports events and tours, Stage and Hen parties, Religious communities, Family Reunions and many more. We as a company, like to treasure our regular consumers. Our yearly figures present an increase in returning customers, giving us the added confidence that deliver a strong and thriving service.

To make your booking experience more enjoyable, our Group Contracts allow us to confirm names only weeks before departure and to reserve group bookings with only a minimal deposit. In addition we also have flexible date facilities – group bookings have never been easier! As well as group air fares we can also offer competitive group airport transfers, hotel reservations, tours and excursions, travel insurance, pre arranged seating and many other services to help you on your way.

For all group requests and questions please email Raj Babber, on: (Group Manager). We ensure your request will be dealt with as soon as we receive it allowing us to quote you the best possible price almost INSTANTLY….